Know Your USA and Know Your Europe

Know Your USA and Europe are crammed with information including excellent digital maps, flags, photos, fact files and much more.

Quality map based learning
Our software presents users with maps of the USA and Europe which they interact with to complete quizzes and games. The main topics featured in Know Your USA: About the USA, Regions, States, State Capitals, Major Cities, Rivers, Mountains, Lakes, Oceanography and National Parks. The main topics featured in Know Your Europe: About Europe, UN Regions, Countries, Capital Cities, Major Cities, Mountains, Rivers, Lakes, Islands, Oceanography.

Know Your USA Know Your Europe

Unique learning concept
Our software utilizes three styles and levels of learning, this enables you to learn at your own pace. The Study Section - a valuable reference tool, The Quiz Section - a guided approach to learning, and The Examine Section - a test of all the topics covered. Plus some mini games based on the state flags, and a puzzle of all the states.

Study Section
The study section is a valuable reference area and is ideal for studying and revising each geographic feature. In the study area you can view high quality maps of each state, plus their flag and many photos. The School Edition also includes advance features for use with interactive whiteboards.

Know Your USA - Study States

Quiz Section
This section consists of point and click style quizzes of each topic, this involves direct map interaction with the mouse. The quiz is helpful and corrects in real time, and shows where any mistakes are made.

Know Your USA - Quiz 1 Know Your USA - Quiz 2
Know Your USA - Quiz 3

Examine Section
The examine section tests all the topics. You must type in the correct answer for each question, there is an optional spelling drawer available to help.

Know Your USA - States Know Your USA - Rives

Great Audio
Each feature of the United States and Europe is narrated by Sarah Lane.

Mini Games
Our software also features a virtual jigsaw, complete the puzzle by correctly positioning each state on the map. The user can also keep track of their time, and the fastest time is recorded. Try our new flag game too, match the flag with the correct answer.

USA Puzzle

Excellent Maps
Our software includes fantastic maps of each state in the United States and each country in Europe. These maps feature the capital city, major cities, physical features and bordering states.

New York Map Bulgaria Map

Google Earth
There is a Google Earth link to all topics covered in our software. This is great for viewing local areas in depth using Google's fantastic software, a broadband connection and Google Earth is required.

School Edition
Visit the School area of our web site to learn more about the advance features designed just for the classroom, perfect for using with an interactive whiteboard.

“My students LOVE the program. We continue to discover new features and they are enjoying the challenges that are offered in your program” - Carolyn MacLeod, Kent Center School, Connecticut.

“In my opinion the definitive solution for any teacher teaching Geography” - Simon Lewis, Headmaster of Educate Together School, Carlow.

“It is a terrific program! I wish I had it when I was growing up.” - Vicki Sharp, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus, California State University.

“A very well designed series of games and activities to help children explore their own country.” - Robbie O'Leary, Principal of Sacred Heart SNS, Dublin.


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