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We have developed our software for school use, great for interactive whiteboards

Know Your USA and Know Your Europe for School
The school edition is an enhanced version of our award winning software series that is available to schools. You can order our software from our online store or by using our purchase order from, PO Form (PDF). The school edition includes extra features designed for the classroom, including advance functionality for use with interactive whiteboards and is ideal for your school or library.

Some of the advance features that are included in the School Edition are outlined below.

Know Your USA Image

Smartboard (Interactive Whiteboard)
Our software has been designed for use with all smartboards. Learning is enhanced with our detailed layered map of each state, which can be shown full screen. Our software also includes flags, photos, fact files, and much more adding to the learning experience. Also included is a large full screen map of each state with a selection of drawing tools and icons, allowing the student or teacher to directly interact with each map.

Florida Map Florida Map Florida Map Florida Map

Quality Maps
Know Your USA and Know Your Europe includes fantastic maps of each state in the United States and each country of Europe. Each map features the capital, main cities, physical features, bordering states. These maps can be displayed full screen and are layered too, perfect for teaching.

New York Map Bulgaria Map

School Edition - Control Panel
The school edition features an advance Control Panel, enabling the teacher to modify many areas of our software and allows close student progress monitoring and student management.

Intro Menu Examine Menu

Full Screen Mode
Our software runs at full screen, this reduces the distractions of a modern computer and focuses each student. Full screen is also very important when working with an interactive whiteboard or digital projector and our maps look fantastic full screen.

Intro Menu Examine Menu

We have included a useful spelling drawer, ideal for students who need an extra help with spelling. This and many other features can be enabled or disabled in the options.

Printable class worksheets / Fact files
We include a series of worksheets, easy to print and copy, great for class work or homework assignments. Our high quality worksheets are perfect for combining computer learning with traditional classroom teaching, download our free sample worksheet (PDF). A fact file on each state can also be printed; each includes a detailed map, flag and some brief information.

Weather Reports
On the full screen maps you and your students can create their own weather reports, excellent for younger grades. You can even print the weather report, great for younger children to bring home and stick on their refrigerator.

MSI Server Setup
There is a MSI setup file available for easy network installation, ideal for pushing the release out to all computers in your school, this is provided on request to customers. If you want to install our software across all computers in a lab, an MSI install will simplify the process greatly.


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