Know Your USA

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Know Your USA is our very popular geography software for learning all about the United States. Every major geographic and geopolitical feature of the United States is included. The main topics featured in Know Your USA: About the USA, Regions, States, State Capitals, Major Cities, Rivers, Mountains, Lakes, Oceanography and National Parks. Download your 30 day free trial.

Know Your USA

Know Your USA is packed with information, including a high quality map of each state, each state flag, and over 80 photos from across the United States. A new feature for the school edition allows you to create your very own weather report, an excellent way of teaching geography.

Know Your Europe Know Your Europe

Excellent Maps
Our software includes fantastic maps of each state in the United States. These maps feature the capital city, the main cities, physical features, bordering states, and much more.

Bulgaria Map

Google Earth
There is a Google Earth link to all topics covered in our software. This is great for viewing local areas in depth using Google's fantastic software, a broadband connection and Google Earth is required.

School Edition
Visit the School area of our web site to learn more about the advance features designed for the classroom and perfect for using with your interactive whiteboard.


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