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Know Your USA & Know Your Europe

Learn all the geography of the United States and Europe

EdWare is proud to introduce Know Your USA and Know Your Europe, great software for discovering all about the United States and Europe.
All geographic features are covered in great detail: regions, states/countries, capitals, major cities, rivers, mountains, lakes, oceanography and more. Please take our tour to find out more and download our 30 day free trial.

Know Your USA Image Our award winning software titles are an excellent school resource and perfect for learning and teaching geography. Both Know Your USA and Know Your Europe are crammed with information including excellent digital maps, flags, photos, fact files and much more.

Used by over 200,000 students in more than 1,400 schools around the world. You can trust EdWare to deliver exceptional software and get results for both you and your students.

Designed for elementary and middle school our software is perfect for learning all about the United States and Europe. Our software includes advance features designed for the classroom and for use with interactive whiteboards.

Know Your USA is used by many families at home as an easy way to learn about the United States. With the introduction of Know Your Europe you can now expand your knowledge of Europe. Our software is a fun and easy way to learn geography and a great resource for the Geography Bee.

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If you would like to learn more about the United States and Europe then you should consider our software.



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